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Wind Energy Empowered Energy is an independent energy consultancy with specific expertise in risk and contract management in and between the markets for natural gas, power, and emissions allowances.

As natural gas and power markets have moved toward deregulation, and as a tradable market has developed for emissions allowances, more and more trade-offs are possible between the three sectors, tradeoffs that affect a project's initial feasibility and its ongoing viability. Increasing public awareness of and interest in renewable energy alternatives adds a new dimension to the potential tradeoffs. It is the goal of Empowered Energy to identify the dynamic drivers within each market sector, to quantify feasible tradeoffs between the sectors, and to optimize each client's unique blend of fuel input, power output, and allowable emissions. Empowered Energy achieves this goal by combining years of industry experience in assessing energy spot and futures markets, under changing federal and state regulatory regimes, with strong analytical skills and a perspective unbiased by asset ownership or control.

Services include, but are not limited to:

Let Empowered Energy identify the unique market tradeoffs relevant to your energy needs, empowering you to make timely and strategic choices affecting your existing or planned energy projects.

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